Winston Salem Dog Training Club

"Teaching you to train your dog"

The Winston Salem Dog Training Club (WSDTC) offers group training classes to the general public for all breeds of dogs. Our instructors and assistants are dedicated volunteers willing to share their knowledge so that you and your canine companion may have a happy and active life together.

As an American Kennel Club (AKC) member club, we conduct sanctioned Rally and Obedience Trials, Tracking Tests and Agility events.

Our members perform community service activities; such as obedience demonstrations and therapy dog visits. The club sponsors the New Leash on Life /Piedmont Animal Welfare Alliance at Forsyth Correctional.  

All Dogs Can Learn

Whether your dog is 5 months old or a senior, he can learn basic obedience.  If you are willing to learn and work with your dog, our instructors will show you how to have a well-mannered companion.

If your dog is 5 months or older, the Beginner I Manners & Obedience class is where you want to start.  Class Schedule.

If you have a new puppy, check out our Puppy Classes.

Dogs with Behavior Problems

Classes at the Winston-Salem Dog Training Club are designed for typical training. We are not able to deal with serious behavioral problems in the class setting. If you think your dog has aggression problems (growling, snapping, biting, attacking or attempting to attack a person or dog), please consult with your veterinarian for a referral to a professional trainer. The Club reserves the right to dismiss any dog considered by an instructor to be dangerous to other dogs or people.

 WSDTC News and Upcoming Events 

AKC Rally

Winston Salem Dog Training Club
3 AKC Rally Trials in 2 Days! September 20 - 21
Trial Entries Closed
Trial Premium

NADAC Agility

Hosted by Leaps and Bounds Agility Group of WSDTC
Lone Hickory Arena, Yadkinville, NC
October 18 - 20, 2019
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AKC Scent Work

Winston Salem Dog Training Club
Judges: Shannon Jones / Kim Williams
4 AKC Scent Work Trials in 2 Days!
November 23 - 24, 2019
Novice and Advanced Levels 4 Elements
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AKC Tracking

Winston Salem Dog Training Club
November 10, 2019 TDU/VST
Judges: Allison Platt & Ronald Seely
 2 TDU tracks / 4 VST tracks
Closing date: October 29, 2019
Premium Coming Soon

December 1, 2019 TD/TDX
Judges:  Judith Edwards & Jeff Telander 
3 TD tracks / 1 TDX track
Closing date:  November 19, 2019
Premium Coming Soon 

February 16, 2020 TD/TDX
Judges:  Tony Hinson & Susan Ammerman 
3 TD tracks / 3 TDX tracks
Closing date:  February 4, 2020
Premium Coming Soon 

Lisa Schmidt's Foundations & Distance Seminars
November 23 and 24
Windfield Farm

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