Therapy Dog Program

Therapy Dog International (TDIĀ®)

Club Contact: Sherrie Johns

WSDTC is the home of Therapy Dogs International Chapter #276 and a group of compassionate, volunteer handlers and their dogs. Those dogs who have earned their TDIĀ® Certification provide comfort and companionship to patients in local hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and the Ronald McDonald house.

While a dog may be either purebred or a mixed breed, not all dogs are qualified or have the temperament to be a Therapy Dog. WSDTC offers training classes to prepare canine prospects for the Therapy Dog Test conducted by our Certified TDI Evaluators.

If you and your dog have the dedication and desire to make a difference in the quality of life for patients in care facilities, learn more at the Therapy Dogs International website and consider enrolling in the classes necessary to earn your TDI certification. After 50 documented TDI therapy visits, your dog is eligible for recognition by the American Kennel Club and may receive AKC's Therapy Dog title.

WSDTC Classes: Therapy Dog Training classes require Canine Good Citizen certification. Therapy dog training is regularly offered at WSDTC for handlers interested in working in the community.  

WSDTC TDI Test: After each TDI class, the club's TDI evaluators conduct a TDI Certification Test.

TDI Certification Test

What to bring:

  • Your dog
  • Six-foot fabric or leather leash
  • Buckle, snap or slip collar (fabric or chain); or a non-restrictive harness
  • Brush or comb
  • Copy of Dog's Rabies Certificate (tag is not accepted)

What is not allowed:

  • Flexible leads
  • Prong collars, head halters, electric collars or restrictive training harnesses
  • Food or treats cannot be on your body or given to the dog during the test

Any dog on the property that demonstrates
aggression to another person or dog will not be tested.