AKC Rally® Obedience

Club Contact: Sandra Averitt

AKC Rally is a great way to build a working relationship with your dog, meet new friends and participate in a sport that is fun and challenging. These classes are an excellent introduction to obedience for new dogs and handlers as it develops basic obedience skills and measures the teamwork between the handler (you) and the dog.

In Rally, the handler navigates a numbered course containing 10-20 stations, depending on the level. The judge tells the handler to begin but gives no other direction. Each station has an illustrated sign requiring a skill to be performed before advancing to the next station. Encouragement and praise are allowed.

Any dog registered with AKC or enrolled in AKC’s Canine Partners or PAL program may compete in an AKC Rally Trial. Rally is a companion titling event and three passing (70 of the initial 100 points) scores are needed to earn a title. Titles are shown after a dog’s name: Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA) and Rally Excellent (RE). The Rally Advanced Excellent Title (RAE) requires ten qualifying scores in both Advanced and Excellent competitions.

WSDTC Classes: Rally & Obedience Introduction is the initial  class and is offered on a rotating basis with the more advanced course.

Rally Photos Courtesy of Dean Lake Photography