Competitive Obedience

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Winston-Salem is an AKC Member Club and we conduct AKC sanctioned Obedience Events in the Spring and Fall.

Competition Obedience goes beyond basic obedience for the home and establishes a working relationship with your dog. Any dog registered with AKC or enrolled in AKC’s Canine Partners or PAL program may enter an AKC trial. In competition, the dog and handler team perform each designated exercise and are judged on how accurately and precise those exercises are executed. However, the natural movement of the handler and the willingness and enjoyment of the dog are very important.

The following three competition classes have evolved to include several intermediary classes of competition providing many opportunities to exhibit your proficiency:

  1. Novice Class demonstrates good canine companion skills such as: heeling, with and without a leash, performing a figure 8, coming when called, standing for a simple physical examination, and finally staying in a sit and then a down position with a group of dogs while the handler watches.
  2. The Open Class is more challenging since the heel and figure-8 exercises are done off leash. The dog must drop on recall which involves coming to the handler, laying down and again coming when called. The dog retrieves a dumbbell thrown on the floor and again when thrown over the high jump (going over the jump in both directions). The broad jump exercise is added and the sit and down stays are longer and performed with the handler out-of-sight.
  3. Utility is the most challenging class which includes: Scent discrimination where the dog distinguishes and retrieves the article with the handler’s scent from a pile of matching articles. Retrieve the glove indicated by the handler. The dog must go out and jump over the high and/or bar jumps as directed by the handler. The team performs a moving stand and the dog stands for examination by the judge. The handler must also silently signal the dog to: stand, stay, down, sit and come.

Obedience is a companion dog titling event and three passing (170 of the initial 200 points) scores by two different judges are needed to earn an obedience title. Titles are shown after a dog’s name: Novice (CD), Open (CDX) and Utility (UD). The highest level, Obedience Trial Champion Title (OTCH), requires ten qualifying scores in both Open B and Utility B events and 100 cumulative points.

WSDTC Classes: Rally &Obedience Introduction is the introductory course for Competitive Obedience. Advanced level classes are regularly offered and there are a variety of specialty classes which provide specific skill building opportunities to handlers and their dogs.

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