If you would like to be a member of our club we would be glad to talk with you about becoming a member.  All members start in our Intern program.  We have two Intern categories. Intern I and Intern II.

Intern I is a person who has completed at least three classes at WSDTC, has expressed an interest in becoming a member of the Club and has secured the sponsorship of two members of the Club.  Most people will enter the internship program as an Intern I.   

Intern II is a person who is an experienced dog handler, as evidenced by having placed at least one of the following AKC titles on a dog (or an equivalent or higher level AKC title): CD, Rally Advanced or Novice Agility. 

The internship period is a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of one year from the date of announcement as an Intern I and 3 months minimum and 9 months maximum for an Intern II.  

During this time period, the intern must attend at least 2 club meetings, assist with an obedience class and participate in at least 3 activities such as assisting/teaching with classes, assisting with Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or Therapy Dog tests or assisting with other club activities, i.e., trial set up, stewarding at trials, participating in therapy dog visits, tracking tests or helping with building maintenance.  

For further information or to let us know of your interest in becoming a member, please send an email to WSDTC.