Know Before You Go


All traffic must go to the right as you enter the parking lot. Please pull forward all the way to the curb stops.

Lock your car and do not leave valuables in your car.

Control and Safety of Dogs

Out of respect for the needs of all dogs, all handlers: 

  • Will keep their dogs in control position whenever entering, leaving or moving around in the training building.
  • Will keep their dogs on lead in class except under the instructor’s direction.
  • Will only work their dog off lead if it is under control.
  • Will obtain the other handler’s permission before allowing their dog to go up to another dog.
  • Will keep their dogs a minimum of 3 feet from another dog except under an instructor’s direction.
  • Will not obstruct traffic flow by standing in doorways, entry to rings or other narrow places in the building.

Out of general consideration, all handlers:

  • Will not leave their dogs unattended at the tie outs.
  • Will remove their incessantly barking dogs from the building.
  • Will pay attention to their dogs at all times or place them in their crates.
  • Hold your lead close to the clip (Pictured below)

How to Hold the Lead

When moving past other handlers and their dogs or simply standing waiting, it is important to hold the lead as close to the snap on the collar or harness as possible. This control position allows you to react quickly to move your dog away from others who may be overly excited or nervous while passing.

Doggie Rest Area

There is a partially fenced area next to the building to potty your dog. We have provided a scoop, pick up bags and trash can for your convenience.

When you come to the club, make it a habit to take your dog to the potty zone prior to entering the building. This will help prevent accidents.

Please do not allow your dog on our neighbor's property.

Clean up Supplies

If your dog does have an accident inside, there is a basket stocked with the supplies needed for you to clean and disinfect the area.

Report  Illness

If your dog becomes ill with a contagious illness, such as kennel cough, call your instructor immediately so the club may take the appropriate action to limit the spread of disease.

Winter Weather Policy

WSDTC follows the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools weather delay and closing schedule. Tune in to WXII12 News  for school closing announcements or see the W-S Forsyth County Schools Website for up-to-date information.

  • When schools are delayed, WSDTC morning classes will be held.

Instructors have the option of cancelling morning
classes and will notify their students.

  • When schools are dismissed early due to weather, afternoon and WSDTC evening classes will not be held.
  • When schools are closed due to weather, no WSDTC classes will be held.
  • When classes are held on weekends, students will be notified
    by the instructor.

Every effort will be made to extend the session and/or schedule make-up classes for those cancelled due to weather closing.

Photos by Donna Manders