Flyball (NAFA®)

Club Contact: Sharon Neal

Winston-Salem Dog Training Club is the home of the First in Flight Flyball Team®.

Flyball is a high-speed relay race in which four dogs and their handlers compete against another team of dogs and handlers as they race against each other and the clock. 

The course consists of two 51-foot lanes placed side-by-side with four jumps each and a flyball box which holds the dog's ball. The start line is electronically controlled and the start dog crosses the start when the light turns green. The dog must jump each of the four jumps, push on the box to release the ball, turn 180 degrees and return over all four jumps to meet the next dog on the team as close to the start as possible. The first team to have all 4 dogs finish the course, without error, wins the heat. If the team finishes in less than 32 seconds, all the dogs running in the heat earn points toward their flyball dog titles: Flyball Dog, Flyball Master, ONYX and Flyball Grand Champion.

WSDTC Classes: Flyball I is the introductory course. This class is offered periodically by the First in Flight Flyball Team since it alternates with the advanced course. Due to the nature of the sport, dogs must have a good temperament and will be assessed for suitability for flyball prior to class and during the session. Please check the First in Flight webpage for more information about flyball.

Additional Information:

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Flyball Images by Tracy Wall