Our 8000 square foot heated and air conditioned building is fully matted.  We have access to private fields for agility classes and tracking.

The building may be rented with approval by the Board of Directors.

The club is conducting fundraisers to purchase a new or additional facility with an eye to bringing more agility indoors and affording us an opportunity to host additional events.

Please consider donating a raffle item or making a cash donation to support our fundraising efforts.


All traffic must go to the right as you enter the parking lot. Please pull forward all the way to the curb stops. If you have a large SUV or long bed truck, the last row behind the building has the most room.

Lock your car and do not leave valuables in your car.

Dog Exercise Area

There is a partially fenced area next to the building to potty your dog. We have provided a scoop, pick up bags and trash can for your convenience.

Please do not allow your dog on our neighbor's property.