Conformation dog shows are competitive events that are used to judge a dog's overall appearance and structure (conformation). Breeders use this to help evaluate breeding stock and the results of these shows provide them with some indication of a dog's ability to produce quality puppies which may develop to meet the breed standards.

To compete, a dog must be registered with the American Kennel Club, be at least six months old, not be spayed or neutered, meet the breed's written standard and the requirements for the type of show: All-breed, Group or Specialty.

At a show, the handler exhibits his/her dog on lead while the Judge looks at the dog's teeth, feels its muscles, bones and coat texture. The judge then views the dog's profile for overall balance. As the handler and dog move around the ring, the judge watches the dog's gait to assess the dog's structure and overall condition. The four dogs that most closely compare to the judge's mental image of the "perfect" dog as described in the breed's official standard are awarded the four places and the associated points toward their championship.  It takes 15 points to become a champion and 25 points to become an American Kennel Club Grand Champion. 

Conformation Classes: Forsyth Kennel Club provides handling classes at the WSDTC building. If you are interested in these classes, check out the Forsyth Kennel Club Website for more information.

Additional Information:

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FKC Match Photos Courtesy of Forsyth Kennel Club