AKC Canine Good CitizenĀ® Program

Club Contact: Jane Fitzin
AKC's Canine Good CitizenĀ® (CGC)program is designed to promote responsible ownership and recognize those dogs who have been trained to be well-mannered canine citizens. Any mixed breed or purebred immunized puppy or dog of any age may participate. In order to take the CGC test, the owner must sign the AKC's Responsible Owners's Pledge and the dog must successfully pass a test consisting of ten skills relevant to daily living in the home and community.
When an AKC registered dog successfully passes the CGC test, the owner may submit the evaluation to AKC to receive the CGC Certificate or the option of a CGC Title. 
WSDTC Classes: Our CGC class will help you to train the ten skills needed to become an AKC CanineGood Citizen. Please check the Classes webpage for class schedule.
WSDTC CGC Test:  After each CGC class, our club's AKC authorized evaluators conduct a CGC Test to test those skills.
AKC CGC Testing Brochure           AKC CGCA Testing Items       AKC Urban Testing Items
Additional Information: See AKC website

Ten Good Canine Citizen Skills

  1. Calmly allows handler to greet stranger
  2. Sits politely for petting
  3. Is clean, appears healthy and allows grooming
  4. Walks on a loose lead
  5. Walks politely through a crowd
  6. Sits, lays down and stays on command
  7. Comes to handler when called
  8. Behaves politely with another dog
  9. Tolerates a visual and sound distraction
  10. Accepts supervised separation

CGC Owner's Commitment

Take care of their dog's health needs, safety, exercise, training and quality of life.
Show responsibility by cleaning up after their dogs and never letting dogs infringe on the rights of others.

CGC Certification Test

What to Bring: Your dog; Fabric or leather leash; Buckle, snap or slip collar (leather, fabric or chain) or a properly fitted non-restrictive harness; Copy of Dog's Rabies Certificate (tag is not accepted); brush of comb and  $10.00 Test Fee (Cash or Check Payable to WSDTC)
What is not allowed: Prong collars, head halters, electric collars or restrictive training harnesses; food or treats cannot be on your body or given to the dog during the test and any dog on the property that demonstrates aggression will not be tested or certified
Victor & Fidelio

CGC Photo courtesy of Victor and Fidelio


     CGC photo courtesy of Dawn, Kona, Velvet and Sampson, (left to rt.)