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This page is dedicated to Canine Freestyle. CFF (Canine Freestyle Federation) was Founded in 1995, and Incorporated in 1996 by Joan Tennille. 

Joan Tennille created the discipline of Canine Freestyle. She has been training dogs for 25 years, first in obedience and now in Canine Freestyle. She has developed a unique training method for this new discipline in the Sport of Dogs; one that combines technical skill in movement, artistic performance relative to a dog and handler team and creativity. Before competing with dogs, Joan was a dancer, choreographer and teacher. She founded the Canine Freestyle Federation as the governing body for this new dog sport and to oversee its development as a competitive event and a source for educational material.

Canine Freestyle is all about the dog and his training. As a team, dog and handler, train in movement, the dog’s movement enhanced by the handler’s movement and as a team create movement patterns to focus on the dog’s best attributes and to express to others their unique relationship.The fun is in the diversity of movements created by each team.  Movement trained in this manner develops a well-conditioned dog with the potential to problem solve. The technical progressions enhance training in other disciplines such as agility, obedience, and rally.  The creative work included within the class structure develops greater listening and communication skills between dog and handler and develops mutual trust and understanding.   

Canine Freestyle is about building a team relationship where each member is one half of the whole team picture; moving together as one and expressing the delight and joy they have working and training together. It’s celebrating the work of your dog and what he does best in your own unique presentation.

Federation competitions are for all dogs regardless of heritage. There are 4 Levels for exhibiting.  Teams may enter at either Level I or II, on or off lead. Each titling event is a celebration of dog work.

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WSDTC Classes: Canine Freestyle I is the introductory course and it, along with more advanced classes is offered on a rotating basis throughout the year.  Please check our classes page for availability.

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