Club Contact:   Sarah Fix

Agility is a team sport which requires a balanced flow of communication and precise movements on the part of both the dog and handler. The goal is to execute an obstacle course containing various jumps, tunnels, seesaw, dog walk, pause table, A-frame and weave poles. The team must perform the obstacles both in the correct sequence and within the allotted time.

WSDTC currently supports two venues for agility, American Kennel Club and North American Dog Agility Council.

There are three increasingly difficult levels of AKC competition with two classes, A class for novice handlers and B class for experienced handlers. In A class, the team must earn 85 of the 100 points in three trials in order to earn a title and move up to the next class.  

Novice: This first level of competition contains 14-16 obstacles and can be performed with minor handling skills.

Open: After a dog has completed Novice, the next level of competition contains 16-18 obstacles and requires additional handling skills.

Excellent: At this level, there are 18 to 20 obstacles on the course and requires expert skills. It is quite an honor for a team to earn the Master Agility Champion (MACH) title.

NADAC Agility is similarly structured and offers four levels of competition. Intro, Novice, Open and Elite and divisions for Junior Handler, Veteran Dog, Veteran Handler which allows your dog to jump at a lower jump height depending on a dog or handler's age. The Proficient and Skilled categories allow you vary the jump height. This venue is excellent for beginning agility teams as they offer a variety of competition classes to hone your skills and earn titles: Regular, Jumpers, Tunnelers, Weavers, Touch and Go, Chances and Hoopers.

WSDTC Classes: Agility Foundations is the introductory class and is offered on a rotating basis with the more advanced course. The club also offers specialty classes to work on specific skills and regular practice sessions. 


 Jinx's and Viza's Images Courtesy of Great Dane Photography