Winston Salem Dog Training Club offers a variety of classes.  The printable summer 2019 classes: List of Summer 2019 Classes

Summer Session:

Registration opens at 6:00 AM on Monday, June 3, 2019
Session runs July 8 - August 30, 2019

Our classes are taught using a combination of motivational reward methods including food and/or toys.  Exceptions will be noted.

The cost for an eight week session (consisting of 8 weekly, 45-minute classes) unless otherwise noted is $100.00, payable on line. 

Upcoming Sessions

2019 Fall Session

Classes posted by August 26, 2019
Registration opens at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019
Session runs Sept 30 - Nov 22, 2019

 2020 Winter Session

Classes posted by Nov 18, 2019
Registration opens at 6:00 AM on Monday, Dec 2, 2019
Session runs Jan 6 - Feb 28

2020 Spring Session

Classes posted by Feb 24
Registration opens at 6:00 AM on Monday, March 2
Session runs March 30 - May 22

2020 Summer Session

Classes posted by May 18
Registration opens at 6:00 AM on Monday, June 1
Session runs July 6 - August 28

Class Schedule

Classes still open for summer session

Class Description

Family Dog and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Classes(Puppy, Beginner, CGC, Therapy dog and Farm dog)

Competition Preparation and Specialty Classes (Agility, Flyball, Freestyle, Obedience, Rally, Rally, Scent Work, TTouch, Tracking and Tricks)

Rabies Vaccinations

Dogs 4 months or older must have a current rabies vaccination certificate or veterinarian proof of vaccination in order for that dog to participate in a class.  Rabies tags are not valid proof. A copy of such certificate or veterinarian proof must be emailed or mailed to  Arlene Stadler 525 Perth Rd. Rural Hall, NC  27045.

If such certificate or veterinarian proof is not provided, the dog will not be permitted access to the building. The handler may observe the class and bring proof of vaccination to the second class without losing their spot in the class. All dogs are expected to be current on all other vaccines as recommended by their veterinarian.

Rescue Discount

A discount on your first Companion Dog Class ((Puppy, Beginner, CGC, and Therapy Dog) is available to puppies or dogs rescued from the Humane Society or a rescue group. To receive this discount, enter the promotion code “Rescue ” and email or mail a copy of the adoption paperwork to: Ruth Barker, 6183 Barmot Dr. Greensboro, NC  27455-8267

Small Dogs 

Classes designated for small dogs are restricted to dogs under 14” tall and less than 12 pounds.

Registering for Classes

New Students

If this is your first time logging in, you need to create a password and complete all information regarding you and your dog.  Please do this prior to registration.  Please use only your dog's call name, estimate date of birth, if unknown.  Please do not fill in age, as program keeps that updated. Once registration opens, click on a class in the above box to register.

Previous Students

If you have taken a class in recent years, you already have an account.  (you may change your password, if needed). Please verify that all the information for you and your dogs is correct and updated. Once registration opens, click on a class in the above  box to register.

WSTDC Policy

Please pay online through with your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. 

Email or mail proof of rabies to: Arlene Stadler 525 Perth Rd. Rural Hall, NC  27045

No refunds will be given after your registration is confirmed. Late registrations are not accepted.